about mi-modular furniture

mi-modular is a wall panelling and furniture system, designed for domestic and commercial applications.

Our wall panels are 600mm or 900mm wide, and come in a range of heights. Once the panels are up, your shelves and cabinets simply hook into place wherever you want, with no tools required.

why mi-modular?

Traditional fitted furniture can make a stylish and bespoke addition to your home or workplace. But once installed it’s very hard to adapt, and you can’t take it with you when you move!

Modular furniture systems have many advantages, especially in terms of their adaptability and low cost. But materials and construction are frequently poor, and many systems don’t look great, with fixings and mechanics left visible.

The mi-modular furniture system resolves these issues, combining beautiful mid-century modern design with adaptability. So we decided to call it mid-century modular, or 

mi-modular for short.


Once we’ve installed your wall panels, you can fit your shelves and cabinets wherever you want in seconds, and move them around as often as you like. mi-modular furniture is easily dismantled when you need to move, and you can buy just the components you need, then expand things later.



Our components are available in 600mm and 900mm wide versions to match our panels. Your scheme can mix and match the two widths. We’ve shown 600mm versions in these illustrations.

Shelf - standard

300mm deep


materials & finishes


Steel finishes

These are our standard materials and finish options.


Every mi-modular furniture installation is unique, so it's best to discuss your requirements with us to get an accurate quote. These example schemes give an idea of costs. Prices quoted here include an initial site visit, all components, and delivery and installation in the Hampshire area.

A simple mi-modular scheme with one wall panel

Natural birch - from £1050

Painted birch - from £1100

Natural oak - from £1200

A mi-modular scheme with three wall panels

Natural birch - from £3300

Painted birch - from £3500

Natural oak - from £3850


mi-modular can be as unique as you like: we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to discuss unique colours or timber finishes. You can be creative with your wall panels too: we can print a logo or an artwork onto them, or apply a range of colours and finishes.